Krav Maga

Self Defense Classes in Brisbane (Krav Maga)

Krav Maga is a self-defense martial art form that is offered in the Gold Coast and Brisbane for more than 8 years.  The self defense classes may be initiated at any time. There are different training options. There are only few schools in Australia providing 6-8 hour regular and hybrid workshops. They are well recognized and cover topics of real life skills such as control and restraint, weapon handling, pistol shooting, offensive and defensive driving skills and outdoor survival skills.


Krav Maga, the Self defense classes was developed in the 1930s aiming to protect people from political thugs operating around Europe by Imi Lichtenfeld.  Imi later migrated to Israel and introduced Krav Maga to develop the system along with various opt (a copy masters. In this way the Israeli Defense Forces were trained Krav Maga. It was a dream of Imi to produce defensive tactics that is effective and easy to learn and adapt by people of all walks of life.

Skilled Instructors

The Krav Maga self defense class has instructors in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. This class offers quality instruction and each class is very important as they impart knowledge and transform you into a best skilled person. The classes are innovative and new. Individuals joining this class never get bored as nothing is repeated. Additional bonus is that there is a workout for 10 minutes every day. This has shown tremendous response in the fitness of the students in the recent months.

students include fresh and trained people who have acquired training for some years. The self defense course has levels and on reaching the P4 level, you can acquire training per night two classes for one class price. Adding to it, the self defense classes in Brisbane are known for the dedication and loyalty to training.

Training Levels

The self defense classes, ISF Krav Maga in Brisbane offers regular training. Even the instructors of this class have undergone instructor course for 20 days after acquiring training in the Krav Maga for several years. This is done to maintain the skill levels and to ascertain the quality control is rightly maintained. There is workshops and updates throughout the year.

The training academy of the self defense classes was established in 2005 March. The instructors Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga are expert level instructors. They teach kids, adults, military and law enforcement, ensuring they are one of the experienced instructors offering quality training. They also offer small groups, personal training or corporate sessions as training options. There are customized training to meet your needs.


Today, Krav Maga is well known to be the fastest growing systems. It teaches law enforcement and civilians how to recognize danger and handle in the safest way. The students of Krav Maga are taught to defend themselves and to use objects such as chairs, laptops, sticks, stones, backpacks, pens, coffee mugs, etc. The self defense classes teaches defense of multiple opponent as part of its training. This class includes exercises and drills such that students are under psychological and physical stress. This acclimatizes students to handle safely and realize the reality of self defense.



There possibly isn’t a person who after viewing movies with Bruce Lee or the Karate Kid series didn’t feel that schooling in martial arts was something advantageous. Yielding to this temptation is, with no doubt, advantageous, as training in martial arts is an art of both: body and spirit. It keeps you physically fit and also gives the ability to look after yourself while in hazardous situations. Ninjutsu Brisbane, Jissen Dojos International, founded by Shihan Paul Johnstone, is the ideal starting point for your journey with martial arts.
At Jissen Dojos International everybody is welcome; men, women, youngsters and older people. Although there are typically two styles taught here – Ninjutsu/Ninpo & Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, there are actually a variety of self-defense styles and methods mixed with the offered courses; it is totally to ensure at Jissen Dojos you’re offered complete and thorough self-defense training.

Paul Johnstone, the founder of Jissen Dojos International, gives his word that this way he teaches self-defense is thorough and accurate. The training, apart from teaching appropriate moves, covers issues such as psychology of violence, health and legal repercussions of the attacks, and probable emotional discomfort. Courses, such as Street Edge Defensive Tactics, Close Personal Protection or Edged Weapons, teach individuals in the course the best way to survive in particular scenarios but without the chance of getting hurt or minimizing that risk whenever possible.

For Bujinkan ninjutsu training in Brisbane, Jissen Dojos International works hard to boost the security and safety of the Brisbane local community. In 2013, Paul Johnstone, moved by the multitude sex-related attacks on females in Brisbane, offered to give zero cost self-defense training targeted specifically for women. However that’s not everything Paul Johnstone does for the local area, as he was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for actively helping and donating towards the Children’s Health Foundation Queensland.

Not only does training martial arts raise one’s physical endurance and condition but also improves the mind and calms the soul. The master of Bujinkan – Masaaki Hatsumi, established several conditions which individuals that want to register for training have to fulfill. True Bujinkan warrior knows the worth of camaraderie, respect, and self-improvement. If you are helpful to others and have a respectful approach then you are fit to begin training. Independent of the comprehensive and extensive self-defense course, the atmosphere during trainings is something that draws a person to Jissen Dojos. One of the many students announced that Jissen Dojos International “is a school with heart”.

If you’d like to find out the extraordinary craft of martial arts and learn how to defend yourself, Ninjutsu Brisbane Jissen Dojos is a perfect school for you. Learning how how to protect yourself is crucial in these times when day-to-day we find out about cases of violence against ordinary citizens. In fact it is not too much to state that those skills can save your life some day.